Safe Furniture Storage

Our large furniture storage service in Sydney is designed to hold household goods undercover in wooden modules. Wooden modules are renowned for breathing better than metal containers, with your goods installed. All items are padded within the modules and are assured to be dust and pest free. Wooden modules ensure that air circulates around the contents, therefore your goods will not sweat. The base of the modules are also raised above floor level. Full inventory and condition reports are filled out on pick up and then checked during unloading into storage.

We understand your furniture and belongings are precious. That is why we have installed full security systems  to ensure that your items are safe at all times.

When furniture storage is handy ?

When moving to a new property, many clients have a time delay (due to settlement) and use our storage facility whilst they wait to secure their new home. Each storage module can pack up to 20% of a standard house, so you will be surprise by the amount of items that can be store.

When we pack the modules, we ensure all items are safely secured by using certain packing material, additionally checked that they have been received and logged on our inventory, as per pick up.

How long can I use your storage facility ?

At David Jones Removals and Storage, we offer long and short term storage. We understand that you may only need a few days to store items. We also understand that you may need a longer time frame. Our storage rates are competitive.

“David Jones Removals were great in helping us store our furniture and house hold items. It took away the stress  of our move as we needed to go overseas.” – Stephen, Rose Bay NSW