Valet Packing Services / Full Service Moves

Why choose our valet packing service?

A David Jones Removals team member packing clothing items as part of our valet full service move option

We can help you save time and effort during your home move by providing our valet full service packing option.

Our courteous, efficient and well trained team will carefully pack and label all your household items and possessions, handling all of your items with care and respect and greatly reducing the risk of damage in transit or during onward handling.

Most importantly, you can be assured that our team will be using the correct packing materials and boxes to ensure that your possessions arrive safely and damage free at their destination and in the correct room for unpacking.

By choosing our valet full service packing option, you:

  • Save time and effort – our removals team has the expertise and experience to carefully but rapidly pack all of your possessions
  • Minimise the risk of damage and breakage – our team will be prepared with a wide range of packing materials, containers and boxes
  • Have all items recorded, labelled and delivered to the correct room at your new home – avoid the frustration of not being able to find your items at your new home and have each box correctly placed in the right room on arrival
  • Further reduce the stress of the removal process, allowing you to focus on other priorities – why spend days or weeks before the move packing when our team can often complete the process in as little as one day
A David Jones Removals team member packing fragile items as part of our valet full service move option

We not only provide a full house packing service, but can also provide a packing service for selected rooms or selected items only.

Call our friendly and experienced team on 1300 651 100 to discuss your requirements and to determine which option is best suited to your requirements and budget.

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