Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

Although it may seem like it really wouldn’t matter what type or size moving boxes you place your valuable belongings in we can assure you it does, at least if you want them to arrive in the same condition you packed them! Not all boxes are created equal. If you’re planning on a small or very large move and not quite sure how to approach it, David Jones Removals & Storage are the best removalists in Sydney because they care for your valuable belongings just as much as you do and have the experience to ensure that your items to not get damaged during the removal process.

Your home may be filled with all types of things from more practical items like furniture, to more sentimental items that we hold onto for those precious memories. David Jones Removals & Storage are the removalist experts that select just the right box for your precious items.

Our personal belongings hold those precious memories and we want someone handling them that understands that fact. There are several factors that need to be taken into account when packing items. For example:

A box designed for bedding is not a box that will ensure your fragile items will not get broken.

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