Fragile Removals

Fragile Removal Service


All of our packaging services are carefully planned, and the items are packaged with great care and consideration. Ocasssionally, you may find that you have  fragile belongings which need even greater consideration from the experienced team at David Jones Removals.

It is vital that you feel that your items are cared for and packaged with great care. These fragile items are precious, often more expensive. It is important that these belongings are appropriately packaged for their transition to their new home.

At David Jones removals, we can assist you with your precious belongings. We have an exceptional 'track record' with moving delicate merchandise. We believe we are the experts in this field, and please feel free to call us to today to discuss your personal needs. Of course you are able to complete the online quote, and one of our trusted team will contact you asap to discuss your needs further.


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