How to Find a Reliable Removalist Firm, Australia

While planning a move anywhere in Australia, there can be numerous things that consider, and it is

these numerous things that can make moving overwhelming to a certain extent. Moving from one state to another can be tricky, and if it is the entire family that needs to relocate, things get much tougher.

Hiring a professional removalists company in Australia can ease out things and make the move much simpler. Undeniably, in a move, there is a lot to organise and manage (which can be really burdensome if the mover and the family) decides to move without a removalist.

There is an array of professional removalists in various parts of Australia, but then, it is advisable to select one that is AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) member. It is because AFRA ensures that all its members are up to standard in aspects like: maintenance of vehicles, suitable packing materials, first aid kits for staff, and police checks for every employee.

Although the professional teams that fall under AFRA are fully capable and efficient, yet, in cases of misconduct, damage to property, overcharging or bad service, it is the removalists’ responsibility to handle their clients’ complaints whenever there are any.

Prior to finalizing a removalist, it is necessary to ensure a few things so as to avoid any ambiguity at a later stage:

  • The client should clarify if the removalists will charge a flat fee or hourly.
  • The client must be clear on the services that they wish to seek assistance for. This can surely help the client identify the total cost that might incur, and plan things accordingly.
  • The client should consult a few leading removalists, gather their quotes, compare them and then finalize on any one (it is important to remember that the cheapest option is not always the best option).
  • One of the best ways to find a reliable and efficient removalist is by getting referrals from friends or neighbours.
  • Check if the company offers storage facilities as well in addition to packing, moving and unpacking services.
  • Once the details have been discussed, the client may ask the company for a full written quotation and a fixed price.
  • It is extremely important to get a landline and a full address of the removalists company.

Also, the preferred mode of payment (cash, cheque or credit card) must be clarified well in time.

Since the removalists professionals will be handling the client’s furniture and all sorts of valuables as

well as personal possessions, so hiring a dependable and efficient company in Australia can really get crucial.