It’s very easy to assume that anyone who lives in a decluttered, organized house was born organized and always lived clutter free. However, some of the most organized people I have known started out as disorganized pack rats.

I’m also a former pack rat. People I’ve met in the past few years are often surprised to find out that my space used to always be very cluttered and disorganized. Because I work to live clutter free, I know that if you set your mind to getting rid of your own clutter, you can.

If you’re a pack rat looking to put some order to your house, these tips can help the process along:

Start Small

Decluttering a house is hard. Decluttering a room is easier. Decluttering a desk is even easier. Divide the space you need to declutter into smaller and smaller sections until you can look at a section and say, “I can tackle this!” Work on this space, then move to the next.

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